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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Clearlake TX


We know how important carpet cleaning in Clearlake is for you! That is why we here at Sparkling Chem-Dry value our service and care to your home as our top priority! A cleaner, healthier home equals a happy home for you and your family! Our technique sets us apart as the best carpet cleaning company in Clearlake! We are confident that we will leave you satisfied with our services.

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Clearlake TX Carpet Cleaning


Sparkling Chem-Dry.  A Drier, Cleaner Experience

When you first think of Carpet Cleaning, wet carpets and days of drying probably come to mind. Other carpet cleaners in Clearlake, TX leave you with soaked carpets that take 1-2 days to dry. This leaves you with the potential of mold and mildew to grow at the base of your carpets, also leaving harming the air quality of your home. We use 80% less water than other carpet cleaning methods, meaning your carpets get dry in a matter of hours rather than days!

Sparkling Chem-Dry. A Deeper Clean

The way we clean carpets means that we stay away from detergents, harsh chemicals, or soaps. Our Process, called the Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE), breaks up embedded dirt and dust that get trapped within the fibers of the carpet.  We do not use carpet cleaning shampoos, soaps, or detergents-those products may leave a sticky residue behind attracting more dirt more quickly. Our environmentally friendly products will leave you enjoying a healthier and cleaner home in no time! Let us show you why our products and services have been trusted by numerous customers.

Cheryl C said "They did a great job! 25 yr. old carpet looks as good as the new carpet.   

Hardworkers and attention to detail. Thank You 
Cheryl & Russ 
Friendswood" - via YELP




Sparkling Chem-Dry.  A Healthier Clean

Our carpet cleaning methods have been tested by an independent laboratory.  They found that on average 98% of allergens and 89% air borne bacteria are removed from your home when used with our sanitizer.*  We also care about the environment in Clearlake, TX. We do green cleaning and our basic cleaning solution is 100% non-toxic, pet and kid friendly.  We care about the health as well as the safety of our customers.  We want to give you peace of mind from the moment we come into your home and even after we leave.  We approach cleaning in a way that won’t cause discomfort for allergy sufferers and we will actually help clear hazardous bacteria.*

Sparkling Chem-Dry - Post Cleaning Protectants

While we are cleaning your carpets, if you desire, we can co-applicate a protectant of your choice to help keep your carpets cleaner and maintain the freshness.

  • PowerGuard Protectant®- This protectant not only gives your carpets a boost with stain-resisting powers.  It works well with solution-dyed carpets.
  • Repel Protectant- A liquid-repelling carpet solution, that when used, stains don’t stand a chance.  It works with all kinds of carpets to provide a protective shield around each of the carpet fibers.  This allows you to soak up the spill on your own before it adheres to the carpet fiber.
  • Wool Protectant- Specially formulated to treat wool carpets and rugs.  It is a safe water based solution designed to improve the stain resistant qualities of 

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The best carpet cleaning in Clearlake, TX is here.  All you need to do is invite us to come put our products to work in your home. Give Sparkling Chem-Dry Chem-Dry a call today!