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Carpet Cleaning

Professional Cleaning Services Galveston TX

For the most efficient and affordable cleaning services in Galveston TX Sparkling Chem-Dry uses products and innovative technology that have been developed and formulated by Chem-Dry over many years.  Below is a list of other services that we provide in the Galveston TX, community.  Sparkling Chem-Dry - A deeper cleaning for a healthier home.

carpet cleaning galveston tx living room

 Sparkling Chem-Dry Galveston TX


Carpet Cleaning Galveston TX

For the most effective carpet cleaning Galveston TX provides for your community, be sure to check out Chem-Dry when you're in the market for carpet cleaners.  Our goal at Sparkling Chem-Dry is to gain your trust, we do that by providing professional carpet cleaners, using innovative solutions and technology manufactured by Chem-Dry, communicating to your because you have invited us into your home and we want to make a lasting impression. (Click here to learn more)

Rug Cleaning Galveston TX

Rugs add beauty plus variety to any room that they are in.  They act as air filters that help trap dirt and allergen particles in the fibers.  With that said it’s important for the health of your home to get your area rugs or oriental rugs deep cleaned regularly.  Call us today to give your rugs a fresh and healthy clean.

Upholstery Carpet Cleaning Galveston TX

As often as you get your carpets cleaned it’s a good idea to also get your couches, lazy-boys and other upholstery furniture cleaned.  We also provided commercial services, as well as, RV cleaning.  Give us a call we’re here to work with you.

Pet Stain Remover Galveston TX

Pets are adorable.  They add to the comfort of your home, but sometimes they add a little to your home then you expected.  Urine stain remover services are offered by Sparkling Chem-Dry and the solutions we use clean the stain and remove the odor.  When pets leave a little extra behind give us a call. 

Stain Removal Galveston TX

Stains and spills happen, they are just a part of eveyday life in your home or in a commercial setting.  Before you go to remove the stain it's important to know what the makeup of the stain is, so you can removal it properly the first and not ingrain the stain in the fibers even more. We use our world famous professional strength spot remover our motto is "If we can't get it out, no one can" Call us today for the best stain removal in Galveston.

Grout Cleaner Galveston TX

Having tiled floors or back splashes is a beautiful addition to any home.  Overtime, wear and tear accrue casuing color changes in the grout which clash against the beauty of the stone.  Cleaning your grout and tile regularly help keep it looking brand new and help aid in a healthier home.

Granite Top Renewal Galveston TX

For the best granite cleaner in Galveston, Sparkling Chem-Dry uses the right process to clean, seal and polish your granite to keep it looking healthy and to help keep its shine and beauty in your home.  Give us a call today for the effective granite top renewal services in Galveston.