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Carpet Cleaning

Professional Cleaning Services Harris County TX | Sparkling Chem-Dry

If you're looking for the best professional cleaning services in Harris County TX, like carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, or Tile & grout cleaning.  All these cleaning services can be found at Sparkling Chem-Dry.  Sounds too good to be true doesn't it? Well, it's as true as it is effective!  With all the professional cleaning services being offered in your community, our commitment to customer service and care is why we are more than just a carpet cleaning company. We are here to help out anyway we can in emergencies and helping your home have the cleaner indoor air quality you're looking for.  Check out the services listed below.  Don't see what you're looking for? Call us! We want to work with you to meet and go above your expectations.

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Carpet Cleaning Harris County TX

Carpets.  They act like big air filters that help filter out the air.  But where do the harmful particles go? into the fibers, and they get trapped.  And agitating the carpet releases these allergens and pollen particles back into the air.  Let us come visit your home with our proprietary Hot Carbonating Extraction method (HCE) to lift those harmful particles up from the base for a thorough carpet cleaning in Harris County TX. 

Upholstery Cleaning Harris County TX

So, you're laying down on your couch for a nice relaxing Sunday afternoon nap letting the stress of the previous week melt off.  And then you think, When was the last time i had my couch, sofa, daybed (whatever you call it) cleaned professionally?.  Okay, lets be honest you're probably not thinking that, but now you are and now is a good time to know that with our upholstery cleaning sanitizer that removes 99.1% of  allergens. A fresher home with starts with cleaning the seats where you sit your seat. 

Stain Removal Harris County TX

Stains come in all different shapes and sizes, and colors too.  But before you go and attempt to remove the stain if you don't use the proper solution it could set the stain in even more.  We use our World Famous Professional Strength Spot Remover, as well as other stains depending on the severity of the stain to get it out.  It's not paying rent, so let's kick it out.  We also offer post cleaning protection packages that help by acting as a protective force field on the fibers of your carpet and upholstery to keep them clean and spot free in between cleanings. 

Area & Oriental Cleaning Harris County, TX

Many homes in Harris County have area rugs. Whether you put it on your hardwood floor in a place that needs more "comfort", or you put them in a high foot traffic area on your carpet, they receive a lot of attention. Cleaning your rugs can not only make your home feel cleaner, but with the services of Sparkling Chem-Dry it actually will be. 

Tile and Grout Cleaning Harris County TX

TIle looks great whether it's for flooring in your home or an intricate back splash in the bathroom or kitchen.  Overtime however, the grout starts to get dirty with water stains and tracked in dirt that doesn't look good at all!  We know that when a home is sparkling clean it has a sort of, peaceful and charming feel to it.  So don't wait any longer- Call us to have us come visit your home to get a deeper clean!

Pet Urine & Odor Removal Harris County TX

Pets add character and personality to the home.  But if your pet left a little too much personality behind on the carpet or sofa and that accident won't come out.  Give us a call, our P.U.R.T (Pet Urine Removal Treatment) solution removes the the stain and smell.  Also, just because you can't see doesn't mean it's gone, to the naked eye it might be, but the smell and stain can still be linger.  Get it out the first time with out P.U.R.T products.  Give us a call to make sure you always have some on hand for emergencies.


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